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Welcome to Derbyshire Gazette

Derbyshire Gazette exists to provide information to both locals and visitors to the beautiful county of Derbyshire. Alistair who owns the website moved to Derbyshire from London back in 2008 and has never looked back. Wanting to explore the country he started to search for places and events on the internet. Not happy with the results he decided to do something about it. With an existing, albeit rusty skillset he decided to take on the challenge. 

Now, some years later Derbyshire Gazette focuses on providing everyone with information about Derbyshire. The website is growing and always will as more information is added. If you are looking for places to visit or events taking place in Derbyshire then hopefully you’ll find them here. 

Derbyshire Gazette is not a business. It is simply a source of information shared by the owner. 

Derbyshire businesses are all invited to join. Include your business on the Derbyshire Gazettes website at no cost. If you are an events manager and would like to promote your event then get in touch. All we ask is that you provide us with an original script and not something you have just gleaned from your own website. If you would like to learn more about the details we need from you then you can visit the following pages. There are no hidden costs involved for inclusions onto the website, just a little time on your part. 

Read the following details on how to  ‘Include Your Business on Derbyshire Gazette‘ here. Alternatively, you can learn ‘How to include an Event on Derbyshire Gazette‘.