Heights of Abraham – Matlock Bath

There are places to eat, drink and shop whilst you’re exploring

What to See & Do

The Cable Cars

Originally the Heights of Abraham was only accessible to visitors who could scale the steep slopes of Masson Hill. However, in 1984 Britain’s first alpine style cable car transport system was installed.

Rising from the valley floor, the observation cars transport you in comfort and safety. In fact, as you ascend you’ll take in stunning views of the Derwent Valley and surrounding Peak District.

Two Famous Show Caverns

Cavern tours run at regular intervals throughout the day.  So, you’ll see the tour times advertised at the entrance.

Tinker’s Shaft

The spectacular viewing platform provides an opportunity to imagine Masson Hill as it once was… a hive of industrial activity. However, beneath is the mine shaft with a vertical drop into the Great Masson Cavern!

Prospect Tower

In 1844 the Victoria Prospect Tower was built to celebrate Victoria’s reign. Furthermore, it provided work for redundant lead miners whose activities on the hillside had been restricted when the estate had become a ‘Pleasure Ground’.

Adventure Playgrounds

The Woodland Adventure is situated in the lower play area. It consists of an amazing and exciting range of towers, slides, climbing the wall, rope walks. It also has an Eagles Nest… just climb in and swing.

Also, set amongst the trees are our ever-popular giant slides. Simple pleasures but great fun!

Additionally, at the summit plateau is the Explorer’s Challenge there’s a range of activities to test young adventurers’ skills.