Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Served at the Blu Bistro and Coffee House

Blu is a British Restaurant Producing Quality Food & Drink using Local Suppliers

First impressions when walking into the Blu Bistro are that it’s small. However, after spending more time looking around we see that it’s actually not that small after all. The Blu Bistro is spread across 3 floors. Divided up into small rooms gives it a feeling of intimacy.

It’s a family-run business and what really makes it stand out if the food. That’s what it’s all about right!

The plates are simply frames for little works of art. The presentation fills you with anticipation of what’s to come. The experience will not disappoint.

The menu has a good variety of choices and the quality makes it a good value. The ethos is to provide you with food that comes from local sources and suppliers.

A licenced bar is available for drinks at the bar or table.

An ideal place to eat for small parties of around 10 people to book a room of their own. Make sure you book early for the Christmas period.