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What’s happening? When is it happening, and Where is it happening for Running in Derby?  RunDerby can provide you with the very latest news. So, you know whats taking place in the running world local to Derby. You’ll find details of affiliated running clubs and their events. RunDerby has become increasingly popular since its Race Series was launched back in February 2014.

Continuously evolving, RunDerby is adding new features to its website all the time. Providing the running public with all sorts of information that will guide and assist them. They’ll welcome your suggestions too!

RunDerby is brought to you by runners. It’s for runners and is intended for all levels of ability!

Race Series

The Race Series is made up of running events in and around the Derby region. Launched in February 2014, the Race Series was declared “a runaway success” with 4,000 runners included in the league tables.

Similarly, the 2015 RaceSeriessaw further growth with 5,300 runners included in the tables. Continuing its growth to 7,800 runners in 2016 and over 8,000 runners in 2017.

Now in its fifth year, the 2018 RunDerby Race Series is made up of events from April to November which contributes to male, female and club league tables. This year’s series is a collection of 7 running races (as below in date order) where you receive points based on your finishing position at each race.

Moreover, there is no registration required for the overall Race Series and all you need to do is enter each race individually and run! Also, the Scoring Up to the best 5 scores from the 7 available races counts at the end of the series. If you score points in less than 5 racesyou will appear on the league table but will not count towards the final league table standings.

You can also gain points by volunteering at the race if you are unable to participate for whatever reason. Meanwhile, please refer to the scoring page for more information. 



Important to realize, is that volunteers are just as crucial to any race as the runners. Without volunteers giving up their own time and helping out, there would be no races for everyone to take part in.

The volunteers ensure that the race is organized safely and effectively by directing the runners, clearing the road ahead for the runners. Similarly, they ensure vehicles do not enter the runner’s course, distribute drinks to hydrate the runners during and after the race. Additionally, they distribute the post-race items for the runners, assist any runner who may need attention, direct runners and spectators before, during and after the race to the desired locations, etc.