SHIFT – Clay Cross

We are positively transforming lives, communities and the way wellness is done

Who Are They?

In the first place, you may have heard of the Community Sports Trust in Derbyshire. This trust was set up with a view to promoting sports within the county and its communities. Now the Community Sports Trust has taken, in short, a Shift!

After much thought and discussion, it was decided that the focus should be on more than just physical activity. We all know that physical activity is good for us and improves our general fitness. However,  it doesn’t necessarily have that much impact on our mental health. Rather, combining mental health and physical health leads to a true sense of well-being. With this in mind, SHIFT was born.

SHIFT aims to establish meaningful relationships within communities to build trust and create a magical spark that helps to transform the lives of the people around us.

However, it takes time to establish communities with a better sense of well-being. It relies on individuals making life-changing decisions to better their overall health. This means improving their physical health with activities but also their mental health with social interaction. Social interaction will result in empowerment and overall self-confidence. For those that have already reached a level of physical and mental health they are happy with then, you can help others. Keep on going and the momentum will build.

With this intention, to quote from the SHIFT mission statement “Connect with others, enjoy being active, shift together.”

Mind Shift

For many of us, change is not always easy. Mind Shift is a way of helping you to understand the transformation necessary to improve your relationships with people. Hopefully, you are ready to think in an alternative way and join the Mind Shift workshops available. Further to this, the workshops will provide an insight into developing your own skills so that you can be a better you both at work and beyond! There are experts in the field of behavior who encourage collaboration and promote independent thinking.

Want to learn more then you should definitely take a look at the website.

The Family Mile

Naturally, as a family, you can find a nice route to go on and really enjoy yourself. However, Family Mile takes it a step further. What if you and your family could enjoy some physical exercise with several other families. Family Mile is a way to bring people together so that families can get together and enjoy both physical and social activities. These activities could be an endless list so really it’s up to you! If you go cycling, walking, skating, skipping, hopping, as a family and would like to share this with other families then contact SHIFT and let them know where and when that will take place and they will do their best to support you. You can also use social media to promote your Family Mile with the hashtag #familymile. Remember, it must be in a safe place.

Jog Derbyshire

Jog Derbyshire is a network of friendly, social jogging groups spreading the length and breadth of the county – from the far tip of the High Peak to the South. The groups cater for everyone – regardless of age or ability – so even if you’re a complete beginner you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

This is where you can read more about Jog Derbyshire