Derby Cathedral

The most-visited attraction in Derby

About Derby Cathedral

In the heart of Derby

Derby Cathedral has recently been extensively renovated. So, you can now enjoy your visit even more. Also, it’s very likely, you’ll appreciate the building with its monuments and tower. Why not take a tour of the tower? Being one of the tallest church towers in England at a height of 212 feet with 189 steps to the top. There is a small charge for this tour – see the Derby Cathedral website for more details.


It is believed that the All Saints Church was originally built 943 by the Anglo Saxon King Edmund 1. For whatever reason, this church fell by the wayside and was completely reconstructed in the 14th century. Further, existing drawings from that period show the overall size to be what we see today. Additionally, the existing tower was built between 1510 and 1532. There have been many alterations made since that period.

The Bells

The Cathedral bells are the oldest ring of ten bells in the world. They were augmented from six bells to ten bells in 1678. Further, the largest weighs 19 cwt (965 kg) and is nearly 500 years old. You can hear the bells ringing before services or on Tuesday evenings between 19:30 – 21:00, which is the practice session.

The Peregrines

Since 2006 Peregrines have been nesting in the tower. Between late May and early July each summer, Watch Point events are held on Cathedral Green to allow visitors to get a close-up look at the chicks though telescopes. Details will be on the website blog nearer the time.

More Information

Want to learn more about Derby Cathedral then visit the website – see details to access.