Kedleston Hall

An impressive 18th-century mansion with a vast parkland

A Family Day Out At Kedleston Hall

Kedleston Hall makes for a great day out for all the family. An impossing building currently in the care of the National Trust. The interior was designed specifically for entertaining and will certainly impress. Whilst, the grounds cover a huge acreage and are ideal for walking. You’ll take in some fantasic views along the way.

The Hall

The design of the hall includes 3 floors and is divided into 3 blocks. The central block is the largest and contains the staterooms. Intended purely for entertaining. Whilst, the east block was built as a self-contained country house where the family resided. Meanwhile, the west block contains the kitchens and other domestic rooms, including the staff quarters.

The creators had a fascination for the classical world of the Roman Empire. Without doubt, this can be seen both internally and externally with the inclusions of columns that resemble Roman architecture.

Whatsmore, between the years 1899 and 1905, George Nathaniel Curson, travelled to South Asia. He collected many objects en route. These can be seen at the ‘Eastern Museum’

The Parkland

You can easily spend the day at Kedleston Hall. Especially, if you enjoy walking. There are over 800 acres of grounds at Kedleston. Whatever the time of year you can enjoy some outstanding landscapes. So, don’t forget to take your camera!

You are welcome to take your dogs to Kedleston. On the shorter walks, there are water bowls available. However, please keep your canine friends on a lead.

To be sure, you should be aware that some of the walks can be muddy after rainfall. So make sure you are kitted out with the right gear. Include, walking boots or wellies.

Depending on the current status of Covid 19, you may find that the Visitor Reception is closed. So, it may be advisable to download the Kedleston Walks brochure which includes a map of the various routes. The map also includes landmarks and points out some of the facilities available.


Dating back to the 1750’s the architect Robert Adam was commissioned by Nathanial Curzon to build the hall. The commission was to design the hall specifically for lavish entertaining. Also, it was to house the many collections of paintings, sculptures and furnishings.

Kedleston Hall has remained the seat of the Curzon family throughout it’s history.


The Great Kitchen Restaurant – A perfect place to relax and enjoy some good food before embarking on your next adventure through Kedleston Hall or the Parklands. The restaurant was once Kedleston’s Great Kitchen. Here the food for banquets would have been prepared and cooked. Although it has changed somewhat over the years, you are still able to pick out some of its original features. Visit the website to download the menu if you wish.

Refreshments Kiosk – There is also a kiosk, located near the house. It has a range of snack available along with hot & cold drinks. For safety reasons, it’s card payments only.