Melbourne Hall & Gardens

The home of Lord and Lady Ralph Kerr

Visit Melbourne Hall & Gardens

The House

In fact, visitors are welcome at Melbourne Hall which is located at the east end of the village of Melbourne in Derbyshire. However, it is the home of Lord and Lady Kerr which is probably why it has a warm and welcoming ambience. You will certainly be impressed with its decor. All the rooms are filled with luxurious furnishing and ornaments that will draw your eyes.

Melbourne Halls website is very impressive and will give you an insight on what to expect before you arrive.

The Gardens

The gardens at Melbourne Hall are very impressive. On the whole, they have been radically altered since the early 18th century. Furthermore, Lady Kerr is a keen artist and is also passionate about her garden. Her talent as an artist puts her in good stead for new designs to the garden.

Whilst it remains very much an 18th-century garden new planting and design means that now it has a much improved botanical interest.

Certainly, be sure not to miss the ‘Birdcage”. This is a major feature of the garden built by blacksmith Robert Bakewell in 1706 at a cost of £120.

Introcucing The Animals

On the positive side, there is now an area within the gardens adopted to house some animals. For the most part, this should be a delight for both kids and adults too. For the moment there are Suri Alpacas, Pygmy Goats, Rare breed Sheep. Not to mention, the British miniature Ponies, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ornamental breeds of Duck and a variety of Chickens.

Please take a little time to explore the Melbourne House website for more details of ticket prices, opening times, etc.