About Acclimbatize

To begin with, Acclimbatize provides adventure activities. They are Ideally located within the White Peak in Derbyshire. With this in mind, they can utilise the spectacular natural environments within the Peak District National Park.

Notably, they also provide adventure activities for schools and youth organisations (Scouts, Cadets, Guides) and operates under AALA licence.

Further, Acclimbatize has an ethos of giving people the space to build and extend their own confidence in a socially acceptable environment that supports learning for all.

Also, to add some reassurance, all Safety Policies and Operating Procedures are in place.

Rock Climbing

Providing Individual Rock Climbing Tuition and Guidance. Also, Developmental Instruction and Group Leadership: Activity Instruction

Rock Scrambling

Explicitly, this is un-roped rock climbing. Hence, they offer a flowing sequence of personal and team challenges that utilises (low level) sections of crag and outcrops.


Ultimately, abseiling can make a thrilling finale to your outdoor course or adventurous programme leaving strong and lasting memories of personal accomplishment.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Here, the leadership style is frequently action centred and will include some technical demonstrations and the use of appropriate coaching methods.

Raft Building

Acclimatize use raft building as a multi-faceted team challenge activity. The level of input from instructional staff during rafting sessions will be tailored to reflect levels of motivation, practical awareness and commitment within the team.


On the whole, Orienteering is a sport that challenges both mind and body. The aim here is to navigate between control points, that are marked on a unique map. Deciding which route to take in order to maximise the number of control points visited in the shortest time promotes strategic thinking and spontaneous decision making.

Geo Cache

Geocaching is an outdoor sport in which participants use handheld GPS (Global Positioning Systems). Also, other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers or markers called ‘Geo Caches’.

Gorge Scrambling – Peak District

Their gorge scrambling activities are pitched to be exciting, lively and great fun. Additionally, they usually take place within the Dark Peak area, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Dark Peak Adventure Days

Why not use your orienteering and gorge scrambling as part of a bigger day out? Further, your journey up and onto the unique moorlands of the Dark Peak. Groups get a truly memorable action-packed day out. Consequently, they are rewarded with a genuine sense of achievement.

Mountain Walking: UK Summer & Winter

Acclimbatize staff are available to support your UK and overseas mountain expeditions in any seasonal or climatic conditions. Further, members of the team are qualified Mountaineering Instructors and/or holders of the International Mountain Leaders Carnet.

Caving – Developmental Instruction

By and large, Caving provides a powerful group experience in which participants can work together. Especially, in an environment that may be physically or emotionally challenging. People will often implement team decisions in response to changing circumstances.

Group Leadership: Introductory Caving Trips

(Level 1) – In this case, introductory caving trips will take place in underground cave systems that are predominantly horizontal in their nature.

Group Leadership: Intermediate Caving Trips

(Level 2) – Also, suitable for beginners so-called ‘Level 2’ indicates that caves will have vertical sections. These vertical sections of the cave are negotiated by a variety of more advanced caving techniques. For example, abseiling during descent and by a rope (lifeline) protected ladder-climbing when returning to the surface.

Mine Exploration

In general, the Peak District provides the opportunity to explore numerous abandoned mines. The sites used are all inspected and approved for group use by a qualified mines inspector.

Guided: Classic Caving – Derbyshire and Yorkshire

In fact, cavers have the opportunity to join in exploring some of the biggest, deepest and most spectacular caves in the country. They visit many classic systems, which may otherwise be beyond the present scope of our clients for logistical or technical reasons. Some previous vertical caving is necessary.

On the positive side, Acclimbatize base their team building activities and team development programmes around exercises. Whilst, although real – with real rewards for success and real penalties for failure – do not rely on particular expertise or skill.

To explain, they do this so that the underlying team building elements are highlighted without any specific expertise getting in the way.

Multi Activity Days

Built around a short experiential burst of activity, you can try the Mixed Bag adventure days. With this in mind, they are ideal for groups. Especially, for those seeking to enjoy a flowing, dynamic and action-packed day out. Consequently, have a varied day of activities.

Need more information?

Here you see a brief outline of the type of activities that Acclimbatize provide. So, if you need more details you should definately take a look at their website for futher details.


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