Love Brewing

For the Craft Brewer, Wine Maker and Distiller

A One-Stop Shop For The Home Brewer

This truly is the place to go for anyone who wants to brew their own Beer or Cider, make Wine or Distill Spirits.

Love Brewing has all the equipment and ingredients you will ever need to get started or add to an existing set-up. Regardless of whether you are making wine, beer, cider or spirits.

This is a long-established company founded by Richard Blackwell with stores are based in Chesterfield and Liverpool. The staff in both stores have time for you. There are happy to give you the guidance you need especially if you are new to brewing. If you can’t make it to the store then you should definitely check out their YouTube channel where you will find hundreds of videos giving you guidance on how to get started and how to use their products. Also worth noting, whilst you are browsing the online store you’ll find downloadable guides on many of the products.

Love Brewing takes pride of place when it comes to online presence and their website is a great place to start.

Beer & Cider Making

By far the most popular route for making beer or cider is to use Kits. That’s mainly because they are quick and easy to make. Contrary, to what you may have heard, making beers or ciders from kits can produce excellent results with a quality a taste that supersedes that of leading brands sold in pubs and off-licenced stores. You’ll find a huge range of beer & cider kits available. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Naturally, you are going to need some equipment as well as the ingredients. Love Brewing caters for all your requirements in this department too! If you are just setting out you’ll find Bundles & Starter Packs that include all the ingredients and equipment you’ll need to get you going as soon as you receive your order.

If you are a more experienced brewer and want to take the more advanced root, using a traditional method, then there are Fermenters, Dispensers and Chillers to choose from. All designed with the craft brewer in mind.

Making Your Own Wine

For those of you who like to make wine, there are many Wine Kits available. If you want to produce a table or party wine there’s an array of branded wine kits available. However, if you are looking for a higher quality then maybe invest in some of the more expensive wine kits. These produce outstanding results and when you break down the cost per bottle you’ll be making a huge saving when you compare off the shelf prices.

When it comes to equipment Love Brewing also has that covered too! All the equipment you need is available, again with Starter Packs and Bundles for the beginner.

If you are choosing to make your wine from seasonal fruits then Fruit Presses and Crushers are also available.

Distilling Spirits

If you would like to get started with distilling, Love Brewing also caters for that too! There are Stills available for the crafter that don’t carry a heavy price. Along with the required ingredients and equipment such as buckets, filters, yeasts and carbon.

When you have produced you base spirit there is a fine selection of Flavourings available to turn that base spirit into something extraordinary.

Is it legal? Please check the Love Brewing Website for details.

Look Out For The Love Brewing brands

Because Richard has been in the brewing industry for more than 30 years there is little wonder that he has found the time to create his own brands. They have been created to improve upon some of the existing products so are well worth looking at. Furthermore, they are available across all departments.


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