Can You Escape From The Unescapable In Derby?

Some of our rooms may be scary

For your enjoyment, there are rooms in Derby that are unescapable. Or are they? Can you find your way out?

Unescapable is an independent escape room company in the heart of Derby. If we’re completely honest the “escape room” is just a front… we’ve actually invented time travel but that’s top secret… so don’t tell anyone…

An Adventure

A fully immersive adventure to experience with your family, friends, colleagues or anyone else you can find!

You’ll get locked in a room (Travel through time) for an hour, and will have to defeat the puzzles and overcome any other problems to escape! You’ll need logic, skill, communication or at the very least a clever friend and the ability to delegate!

The Rooms

With two rooms currently, we are in the process of building our third room which will hopefully open early 2019.

Our second room “Edith” has also recently won a SCARE AWARD; a national award for some of the scariest experiences/live events the UK has to offer!

Get A Group Together And Save Money

The rooms take up to 6 people and if you can get a group together then it can work out to as little as £15.00 per person. Any fewer than that then the price per head goes up. Recommend you check out the website for more details.


  • 2 Testers Players £25.00 pp (£50)
  • 3 Testers Players £20.00 pp (£60)
  • 4 Testers Players £17.50 pp (£70)
  • 5 Testers Players £16.00 pp (£80)
  • 6 Testers Players £15.00 pp (£90)
  • 7 Testers Players £14.30 pp (£100)