Derby Kid’s Camp

100% volunteer-run charity committed to providing FREE holidays for Derby’s most deserving young children.

Spare just a couple of minutes to read about Derby Kid’s Camp and how it help’s our young people in Derby.

What they do!

Derby Kid’s Camp gives children, that would not otherwise get the opportunity, to have a holiday. They get the chance to experience the ‘great outdoors’ and in doing so they are able to gain social skills and knowledge of an outside world. Helping to develop their self-confidence for their future. This is likely the only break from the city that they’ll get all year.

These are fun-filled holidays. With exercises, games and craft-based activities. Walks, fossil hunts, nature trails, sports days and talent nights on camp, as well as trips out to local attractions and campfires at night. They get to see animals in their natural environment and also on the farm.

Derby Kid’s Camp doesn’t choose the kids. They are actually nominated by Derby City’s primary and junior schools. Each school receives a certain number of places and then children who are most likely to benefit from a holiday are selected.

About Derby Kid’s Camp

Since it’s formation in 1973 Derby Kid’s Camp has grown steadily and now provides more than 300 kids with a fun-packed holiday that they’ll likely remember for the rest of their lives. Every year!

A charity that’s run completely by volunteers. There are too many volunteers to mention in this short article. However, let’s just mention a few. Chris Edwards has been the chairman since 2010. The vice-chair is Cat Howouth. Sammy Charnook and Vicky Varney are both fundraisers. Peter Kay is the treasurer. Hannah Wade the publicity officer. Avis Butcher is the Charity secretary. Patrick Rix and George Cliffe take care of the equipment. Leane Bailey is the volunteer organiser. Finally, Wayne Gresham is the Camp Organiser. You can find more details about them and others involved, from their website (see below).


The charity is run purely on donations and a large part of those donations are provided by the Pentagon Motor Group, Cosy and BBC Children In Need. However, it doesn’t stop there. Other contributors can be found on the Derby Kid’s Camp website.

Then there are the general donations received by the public. Here’s an interesting fact, with a pledge of just £8.50 per month you can guarantee that another child will have the chance to go on a Derby Kid’s Camp holiday.

How You Can Help

Aside from helping out on a financial level, there’s also the practicalities. They are always on the lookout for volunteers. Especially, during the school holiday period. It’s extremely rewarding work and a very memorable experience. If you can help, please do get in touch with them.