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About the Afyalife Foundation

AfyaLife Foundation is a registered charity founded on creating impact in communities that are in need or crisis, with a mission to improve the quality of life for millions of people in emerging markets. It is a consortium of top leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa and their networks coming together to shape the African story. The founders are passionate about solving critical problems in Africa and the UK and building a better future for communities.

At AfyaLife, we are passionate about working with communities in order to drive change. We have already worked to support vulnerable people in communities across Sub-Saharan Africa. Hunger and access to food resources are common problems affecting the low income and vulnerable people and communities all over the world, from Europe to Asia to North America and here in the UK.

In the UK we are based in Salford, Manchester but we also have a heavy focus on the Chesterfield community as our Foodbank and Backpack support initiatives are both based in Chesterfield. We look forward to running more exciting events on a regular basis to help serve the local Chesterfield community. 

Afyalife Food Bank & School Backpack Initiatives

Food Bank Initiative

Our FoodBank initiative provides a place for those in need within the local community to gain access to long-lasting and fresh food. This is especially important in the current circumstances with the added financial pressure brought by the Covid pandemic.

We launched our first Food Bank in Chesterfield on the 10th of July in Chesterfield’s very own Eagles Club in collaboration with the Bethel Apostolic Life Church (ALC).

This is not just a one-time thing, our food bank will continue to help the local Chesterfield community every month, providing fresh and non-perishable food for those who are in need.

AfyaLife Foundation understands the after-effects of Covid 19 pandemic making this an urgent call for Support and Action and has designed a back-to-school support program called BACKPACK SUPPORT, to mitigate the needs of pupils, schools, and parents. However, a lot of support is needed to get children back to school. We are working hard to supply these children and families with all they need to join education.

Afyalife Foundation’s Backpack Support aims to provide children of low income with the essential school tools and the basic kits needed for learning and self-development as they resume back to school in the UK. Every backpack support programme is unique and independent of the school it is supporting.

School Backpack Initiative

On Saturday the 14th of August we Hosted our school backpack support fundraiser and our monthly food bank. The aim of the event was to raise funds for our backpack support initiative that provides children of low-income and deprived families with the essential equipment when going to school here in the UK. 

This event was centered around children and young people. We had activities from basketball to darts to face painting. Creating memories and friendships that can last a lifetime. We also had a raffle for the adults that attended the event, all proceeds from the raffle went towards our backpack initiative. With all our events we like to give people and especially children the opportunity to experience new cultures, this time we served fried plantain for everyone who attended the event.

We saw many new faces and we have been able to reconnect with members of the community that came to our previous events. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come out and support the food bank initiative, most of all the Chesterfield community who came out in full excitement and appreciation.

The Bethel Apostolic Life Church (ALC) will be hosting the Community Coffee Morning every month. Everybody is welcome to this event, the aim is to bring the local community together. The Community Coffee Morning will run from 10 am until 1 pm and is based in the Eagle’s Club in Chesterfield, (St Johns Rd, Littlemoor, Chesterfield S41 8QN).

The Afyalife Foodbank will also be running in conjunction with the Community Coffee Morning every month. If you are in need of food or know somebody who is, food parcels will be available for those that attend.


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