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Physiotherapy and Holistic Wellness Centre Based In Matlock Derbyshire

IDD Treatment

Treeline Wellness Centre is pleased to announce that they are now able to provide IDD (Intervertebral Differential Dynamics) treatment. This is a successful and trusted non-surgical spinal decompression treatment for back pain and neck pain. Find out more here . . .

The Holistic Approach

How do you want to feel? In all likelihood, your answer to this question will be that you want to feel good and you want to feel well. Sometimes we just need to make small adjustments to our lifestyle to achieve this. Taking a holistic approach to your health may need a few lifestyle changes and this is where Treeline can help. In the medical world, it’s often the case that illness is actually overlooked because the priority is given to treating the symptoms. For example, if you’re given medication for a headache it’s likely to be a painkiller. That painkiller may or may not relieve the pain temporarily but, what’s causing the pain in the first place? If you deal with the cause then you’re far more likely not to get headaches again. The holistic approach to medicine takes into consideration the ‘whole’ person. Meaning that all aspects of your health are taken into account and that includes the physical, psychological, social and spiritual ‘you’. Treatments are focused on the cause rather than the symptoms. Looking at life, in general, using this approach and making those required changes to your lifestyle leads to a life which is preventing illness. At this point, you’re now enjoying a life of wellbeing. If you’d like to learn more about the holistic treatments offered at Treeline talk with Tracey at the centre.


Pilates was developed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the early part of the 20th century. He had a keen interest in the Classical Greek ideal of balancing the mind, body and spirit. Since then it has become more and more popular and can be closely tied in the holistic approach to medicine. It has a strong focus on strengthening the core of the body and also will improve flexibility along with muscle tone. Unfortunately, it’s also built up a reputation of being quite a tough workout, but don’t be put off. It doesn’t have to be an extremely strenuous task unless you want it to be. If you’ve not tried pilates as a way of improving your general state of fitness and wellbeing. Then you can talk to Joanne, Taz or Dina at the centre who can introduce you to the weekly programme to see if it suits you.

Can physiotherapy help me?

If you are suffering pain and would like to know if physiotherapy could help ease that for you, then you should definitely talk to Joanne at the Centre. If you were to book an appointment for your initial visit which lasts for about half an hour would be taken up with gaining some knowledge about you in order to establish the root cause of the pain. The initial appointment is then followed by treatment sessions usually lasting approximately 45 minutes. Read more here . . .

Other Therapies Offered At The Treeline Wellness Centre

If you enjoy a massage to help you relax then you can book an appointment for this too. You could also get treatment with a deep tissue massage to help relieve those aches and pains.

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