Northfield Farm Riding and Trekking Centre – Buxton

Come and ride with us at Northfield Farm.

Northfield Farm is home to a Horse Riding and Trekking Centre based in the village of Flash, nr Buxton in Derbyshire. It’s worth noting, this location is surrounded by beautiful countryside making your horse ride a really enjoyable experience.

David and Liz Adams are the proprietors of Northfield Farm and have been since its opening back in 1976. They keep themselves busy during most of the week although they do close on Mondays (unless its a Bank Holiday when its business as usual).

Hacking and Trekking

There is a good range of choices available both for the novice and the experienced rider. The most popular choice for most people is the 2-hour ride. This ride takes in some beautiful scenery following the old packhorse trails and covers the Three Shires Head, where the 3 county boundaries meet, (Cheshire, Staffordshire, and Derbyshire).

If you’re a keen rider you can opt for the longer rides 2.1/2 and 3 hours. So, providing you’ve got the experience (you should be able to walk, trot and canter) you’ll cover quite a distance.

These rides normally start at 10:30 or 14:00  depending mostly on the distance covered.

You’ll be pleased to know that your safety is a concern at Northfield Farm Riding and Trekking Centre. All riders must wear a riding hat and they are provided (with BSI Standards). You should definitely take a look at the website with regard to clothing and what to wear. Please don’t just turn up in your walking boots.

Short Breaks at Northfields Farm

You can also treat yourself to a short break at Northfields Farm and spend a couple of days or more enjoying the rides and the accommodation with a good breakfast to start the day! There’s a nice itinerary already set up for you. However, if this is something that appeals to you then book early especially if its high season.
Well worth taking a look at the website for more details on the short breaks available.