The Odyssey Restaurant – Chesterfield

Greek Foood In The Heart Of Chesterfield

A Taste Of Greece In Chesterfield

The Location

If you would like to enjoy some traditional Greek cuisine in Chesterfield then the Odyssey Restaurant is the place to be. Located right in the heart of Chesterfield on Knifesmithgate. The restaurant is own by a Greek family so you can be assured that the food is authentic.

Whilst the building itself is typically English the interior will transport you into a restaurant which has a flavour of Greece. The first thing you are likely to notice is the aromas of Greek food. The decor is done in such a way as to feel like a Greek tavern. It has large windows which let in lots of natural light.

The Food

Serving tradional meals such as Lamb Youvetsi, Greek Meatballs, Chicken Gyros and also Mousaka. As you would expect there is an amazing choice of various salads. Whatsmore, they cater not only for vegatarians but vegans too!

Always, book in advance or phone first for their opening hours.