The Friends of the Cromford Canal

With an aim is to see the restoration of the historic Cromford Canal

A little about ‘The Friends’

The FCC (Friends of the Cromford Canal) was formed back in 2002. So, they’ve been running for a while now. It’s a registered charity, working hard to restore the Cromford Cromford. The official take reads “The restoration, reconstruction, preservation & maintenance of the Cromford Canal, its associated buildings, towing-path, structures & craft & the conservation of its natural .charecter as a navigable inland waterway system for the benefit of the public”.

Hence, they have really taken on a mammoth task. However, it doesn’t stop there. The committee meets up 12 times a year to discuss the progress of the restoration project and also the organisation of social events, merchandising and maintaining their data.

FCC Websites

The Official Site

When you take a look at the official website of the Friends of the Cromford Canal you’ll find it full of all kinds of wonderful information. There’s a good read about the history of the canal going right back as far as 1779. They have an amazing collection of photographs, some of which go back to times gone by. When you see the images of the tunnel at Butterly you begin to realise just how much work there is to do. You can take a look at the merchandise they have to offer and possibly even support them by making a purchase.

They’re also a list of events coming up that may be of interest to you!

The Birdswood Site

One of the ways that the FCC raises funds is by featuring Boat Trips. The Birdswood website will give you details of these trips.  Moreover, there’s a choice of trips available. You can choose to go on a regular trip which is a barge powered by a motor. Or, add a little romance to it by stepping back in time with a horse-drawn trip. You can also take it a stage further and actually charter the whole boat.

The website allows you to book your trip online.

All credit is due to the guys at for the production of such a great website!

Combine your trip with a visit to the Cromford Mills and Cromford Village to make it a really enjoyable day out.